Shoot with Natasha Serezhnikova

Photographer: Natasha Serezhnikova | Model: Lexi Matsui | Location: KILO Bali

Shoot with Natasha Serezhnikova

If your in Bali you know there are a million amazing little spots to feast your senses. Visually, well that goes without saying, the smell of the frangipani flowers crumpling underneath your bare feet, the incense floating by from the Bali blessings, the soft kiss of the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, the sounds of the waves crashing or the parties pumping, or our favorite your taste buds!

The amount of delicious restaurants and amazing venues, if  we had 365 days  we could explain. Here is a snippet of a venue called KILO just down from our flagship store in Seminyak. Amazing cuisine, and the architecture is something to savour. We did a little editorial feature there a couple of weeks ago with photographer Natasha Serezhnikova, whose style is clean and fresh. The model featured is Lexi Matsuk .

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Photographer: Natasha Serezhnikova | Model: Lexi Matsui | Location:  KILO Bali